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Twits with guns…

I reckon Nick D’arcy and Kenrick Monk would have to be almost as stupid as Matthew Newton… I use the word ‘almost’ because Matthew Newton is a complete fuckwit; and these two are just stupid…

However; im not really sure why the country is in uproar… Shouldnt it be socailly acceptable for idots to pose with loaded guns together?? One of those who King Hit a mate when he was drunk…? Maybe that pistol is aiming at Monk’s head and someone decided to snap a photo…?

So.. Here is what the public are saying on this ‘important’ issue…:

Australia’s chief de mission for the London Games, Nick Green, described their actions as foolish and a pre-Games lesson on the perils of athletes using social media. (Foolish…? Perhaps… Lesson??? I think not… They are stupid…)

The Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) has said it will await SA’s investigation before considering sanctions. (Sanctions for what…? Holding a gun and being a dickhead… Hardly breaking the law.. Is it bringing the sport into disrepute..? Ummm, dont know; I think Grant Hackett did that last week when he demolished his house with his hands and feet…)

Gun Control Australia vice-president Rhonda Collins, who said she was terrorised by her former husband, said D’Arcy and fellow “bad boy swimmer” Kenrick Monk should be made to visit speak to the victims of domestic violence.”I would like to see them visit a women’s refuge and talk to the women who know what it is like to be on the other end of a gun.” (Ummm WHATEVER… As much as i think Kenrick’s hair looks a little girly; he hardly looks like a women. And besides, they didnt shoot at anyone; they just took a fucking photo. Furthermore; how are they being domestically violent against women, when he is a man, and they are Overseas.!!!)

“What would the Port Arthur survivors be thinking of that photo?” Ms Collins asked. (THEY WEREN’T IN FUCKING PORT ARTHUR; THEY WERE IN AMERICA… When i hold a football incorrectly; do people question what AFL players in Melbourne would think of that… NO… Stop drawing conclusions from bullshit photo’s and turning them into a ‘feel good/shithouse news story’…)

“Swimming Australia became aware of inappropriate photos posted on athletes’ Facebook pages and Twitter accounts…,” an organisation spokesman said. (Inappropriate… Im pretty sure they were wearing clothes, and both have stated that the ‘other’ photo’s of them were of consenting adults who drank too much and Anal Sex is legal for people over 18 years old in America…)

Seriously Australia; leave these two idiots alone, and spend some times worrying about how our Government is 21 days away from the BIGGEST TAX ON MIDDLE CLASS AUSTRALIA in 5676 YEARS…. Just Sayin’…


NSW and The Avengers vs Queensland

I reckon New South Wales (NSW) couldn’t win a State of Origin series’s even if they had The Avengers on their team. Let’s break it down into one-on-one matchups.

Sam Thaiday beats The Hulk

The Hulk vs Sam Thaiday

A truly epic matchup. Hulk has the strength advantage, but does he have the discipline to tackle time and time again without giving away any penalties. If he was to tear the referees head off, I’m pretty sure that would be a send-off-able offense.

Brent Tate neck brace

Ironman vs Brent Tate

Ok, so Ironman can fly. But I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be able to wear that suit on the field, so that evens it back up. Iron man might be allowed to wear a bit of his suit around his neck like that crazy big neck brace that Brent Tate wears.

The Coal Train defeats Thor

Thor vs David Taylor

This one really is a no contest. Thor’s hammer is no match for The Coal Train. Even a NSW fan should agree with that one.

The sexy Black Widow and Billy Slater

The hot chick. (Apparently her name is Black Widow) vs Billy Slater

Im gonna give this one to the hot chick, but I have matched her up with Billy for 2 reasons. Firstly I think they would make mega hot babies together. And secondly, I reckon he’s the only one in the team that could get away with wearing those tight pants.

Thurstons head gear

Captain America vs Thurston

Pinpoint accuracy. Even Captain America couldn’t keep up with JT’s kicking game. Plus even though they both wear headgear, Thurston’s has more padding… Therefore; better.

No injury to Hodges vs this guy

Hawkeye vs Hodges

He’s got sting. But rather than little arrows, hodges throws harpoons. Weather driving you into the ground on defense, or launching himself in attack, Hodges is Queenslands crossbow.

Why Melbourne?

I reckon if you have a sporting contest between two states, it should be played in one of those states..! Why the fuck are we playing in Melbourne for state of origin…??? It’s akin to the US playing Canada in ice hockey and the game being held in Tibet… Now, location aside, I’m sure Tibet is great for Ice Hockey, and Melbourne for NRL, but what’s the point… Sell more tickets..? If its all about money, just get naked cheerleaders to play rugby and sell the tickets online… Hell, I’d buy 3 myself… Wake up Gallop… Queenslanders don’t want to drive for 16 days to watch their team play… What do you reckon…?